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| Sabrina | 22 | Europe | Daniel Andrew Sharman changed my life completely!

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Because he’s one of the most amazing men ever!

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Because she is beautiful *:*


MAKING GIFS FROM: Screen Caps & Video Clips
Example GIF Stats
Image Method: 42 Frames, 996.4K
Video Clip Method: 28 Frames, 766.3K

very rarely use the method involving making GIFs with screen captures/images, and if you look at the stats above you’ll see there’s a considerable difference in the result. Both GIFs have the same settings/edits applied to them, and the video one looks clearer and has fewer frames than the image one. That’s the one I recommend but whatever works best for you obviously. :) 

So I’ve been asked how make my GIFs many times, and finally got around to making a tutorial. This how-to shows how to make GIFs using screen captures or video (.mov) clips. I make my GIFs on my Macbook Pro btw, using Adobe PS CS5. Okay, here we go! :D

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This cast is so freaking adorable! Hoechlin’s face during Dylan’s answer!!!!!

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